L' albergo diffuso

The widespread and horizontal hospitality embraces the whole village and its community. An innovative format based on the past that transforms abandoned villages into real centers of relaxation. Spending a weekend in Montepagano means to pull the plug from the daily marasmus to think, but above all to live yourself. And at D.one, with its Albergo Diffuso, this is really possible.

“The idea of recovering sites in progressive abandonment through the Albergo Diffuso,
immediately fascinated me because it is an authentic proposal that allows you to discover the beauty of the villages thanks to the spreading of the suites, obtained by refurbishing ancient structures, all different but all close by”.

Nuccia De Angelis

Those who come to Montepagano to taste the dishes of D.one, can prolong their experience in the village by staying in a suite of our Albergo diffuso Montepagano 1137.