Chef Davide Pezzuto is an unstoppable culinary force. Of artistic spirit, independent, nomadic, he creates dishes with a particular flair, with a touch of rough refinement, for the delight of the palate and eyes.

Before opened, I lived a year in this territory to learn to understand it, to know it, to study traditions and products. Everything has been useful to me, especially the people: producers, farmers, fishermen, many have given me something.  Today my cuisine speaks of the sea and the hills of Teramo;
then there is my history made of suggestions, mergers, creations because it is in that space of research
that the new perfect dish can be born: the dream of every cook.

Davide Pezzuto

Primo Lustro

Classic “resists like a divine anachronism” – (Orson Welles)

Caviar-service “Sea pressure” 

Teramo tripes fand red shrimps

Tuna and onion

Squid ,Tavo river white beans 

Granetti, squilla mantis shrimp broth, cascigni cream, burrata 

Spaghetti, sea urchin cream, black truffle

Pout “in carpione”

Longline fish

Tribute to the Ducal city of Atri

Tuber Magnatum

 “Strong and gentle”(Primo Levi) – The Abruzzo white truffle

Amberjack tartare in a Crispy Cannolo 

Smoked Knight

Pastina and the Egg

Chitarrina (home made traditional spaghetti), beetroot

Egg and Amaranth

John Dory in Lyonnaise pot

Veal, yogurt, wild chard

Persimmon and chestnuts


“κτῆμα ἐς αἰεί”...past is  perennial possession (Thucydides)

Precacchia, the wild salad from country roads

Egg and oyster

A Fish Soup Synopsis

Barbecued Spanish Mackarel

Cuttlefish skin, pendulum


Lamb sweetbreads, “frozen” apples

Cardoncelli mushrooms, liquorice

Duck, quince