Chef Davide Pezzuto is an unstoppable culinary force. Of artistic spirit, independent, nomadic, he creates dishes with a particular flair, with a touch of rough refinement, for the delight of the palate and eyes.

Before opened, I lived a year in this territory to learn to understand it, to know it, to study traditions and products. Everything has been useful to me, especially the people: producers, farmers, fishermen, many have given me something.  Today my cuisine speaks of the sea and the hills of Teramo;
then there is my history made of suggestions, mergers, creations because it is in that space of research
that the new perfect dish can be born: the dream of every cook.

Davide Pezzuto


“Omnia tempus habent”

“Everything in its own time”

“Careful distractions” | Welcome from the chef

A sea of yogurt, white shrimps

Amberjack cannolo, ginger carrots, black truffle

Soy-marinated tuna, wasabi mayonnaise, stone-grilled onion

“Granetti”, mantis shrimp jus, burrata, field sowthistle cream

Brodetto (fish soup) ravioli, cuttlefish ink sauce, toasted breadcrumbs

Mackerel and sage

Fillet fish, creamy organic herb sauce

“Calanchi” – Tribute to the Ducal city of Atri

€ 110 ( 8 courses)  –  € 90,00 ( 6 courses) – € 25,00 (1 course)


“Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis”

“Times change, and we change with them too”

“Careful distractions” | Welcome from the chef

Shrimps, mojito

Tripes and cardoncelli mushrooms

Scallop and zucchini

Risotto with nettles

Spaghetti, sea urchins, summer truffle

Scarola confit and monkfish liver

White veal cheek, liquorice

“Exotic” desire

€ 120 (8 courses)


My Way

7 theme courses: meat, vegan, veggie

€ 90,00